D –T –R

D –T –R. Some of you will recognize what these letters stand for.

For a young man in a relationship, these letters strike fear in their hearts. They dread the DTR talk. It makes single men so uncomfortable they will only use the initials DTR. The objective is to postpone, run away, and put off DTR for as long as possible. In fact many men are so afraid of the DTR, they will terminate the relationship when they sense the DTR talk is imminent.

D.T.R. stands for Define The Relationship. At some point in a romantic relationship you must determine the level of commitment. You define the relationship and decide where things stand – is it casual, or is it committed?

We must also DTR with Jesus Christ. What is your commitment level? Many people want all the benefits of knowing Jesus but without any commitment. You want to be a fan but not a follower. A fan is simply defined as an enthusiastic admirer. I think there a lot of people who have made a “decision” for Christ but they have never totally committed their lives.

Most parents want their kids to have a little bit of God – they want their kids to have some Biblical morals. But one of the most dangerous ways to be raised is with a little bit of Jesus…it’s like an inoculation. A little bit can make you immune to the real thing.

Jesus explains that following him in not something you do part-time or half-way. Jesus said it is all or nothing.

If anyone would come after me he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.


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