Have you ever thought about how many door you walk through in a day? You walk through the door at work or school. You go through car doors, the door at the supermarket, the doctor’s office. You may go through the door at the post office.

Today, I want to consider a different kind of door; the door of your Christian life. My blog is directed to those who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Most Christians are familiar with Warner Sallman’s picture of Jesus at our heart’s door.  It is based on the passage found in Rev. 3:20

 You may also be aware that this door has no latch on the outside. We must open the dooThe_Light_Of_The_World1r from inside and invite Christ in. And while that is true, I want us to consider another viewpoint.  Could it not also mean   that Christ is knocking and inviting us to come out to where He is and engage our world with the Good News of Christ?

Have you ever thought that our church doors only swing inward? We invite people to come to our church (inward swing) but we never go out to where Jesus is working in the lives of people outside our ‘holy huddle.’ Jesus’ instructions were to go out  ; Luke 9:2 , Luke 10:1 not to bring them in. It is more important to bring people to Christ than to bring them to church.

Jesus tells us that we are to be ‘fishers of men.’ But our method of evangelism is to bring people (the fish) to church so that they might hear the “big fisherman” (pastor) present the Gospel message and hopefully respond.

 If you listen closely, I think you can heard Jesus knocking and saying “Come out to where I am and join me in the work of the Kingdom.


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