preparationRemember when “special” company was coming to pay a visit at your home? Everyone got involved in making sure the house was spotless. Your home was never cleaner then when company came. Then at work, someone from corporate was planning a visit your place of employment and the place became a beehive of activity. Your supervisors wanted the place in “tip-top” shape. If you served in the military, your drill Sargent made you clean and clean again in preparation for the Captain’s barrack inspection. Students prepare (or should) prepare for final exams.

When God was going to reveal Himself to Israel,the prophets had the people to prepare. Amos 4:12 When the nation of Israel offered a sacrifice to God, there was preparation. But the most important preparation is preparing ourselves to meet God. Jesus told us that when He was returning to the Father; He would prepare a place for us.

Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. Have you made the proper preparations?


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