You Can Make A Difference

I would imagine that almost all of us want our lives to have made a difference. We probably will not have our picture on the cover of People magazine nor write a best-selling novel. I doubt I will win the Nobel Peace prize nor discover the cure for cancer.

When I think of people who have changed the world, no one has changed the world more than Jesus Christ. I know, He was divine but He was also human. I have given this considerable thought and have come to the conclusion that we cannot improve on the method Jesus used. Basically Jesus poured His life into the lives of His followers, who turned the world upside down. Acts 17:6

The Bible clearly teaches that material possessions will have little importance in the light of eternity. Matthew 16:26 The only way that you will be remembered one hundred years from now is not you spiritually reproduce yourself in the lives of others. “…Go out and train everyone you meet  far and near, in this way of life,…”  Matthew 28:19 MSG

One of the last instructions the Apostle Paul left Timothy, his young son-in-the-faith, was Timothy, my child, Christ Jesus is kind, and you must let him make you strong. You have often heard me teach. Now I want you to tell these same things to followers who can be trusted to tell others.” 2 Timothy 2:1-2

Whose life are you investing in?


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