God does care!

As a retired minister of 30+ years of ministry, I have developed a love for people; especially those you are hurting. As I read the news online today, my heart was overwhelmed with the tragic events people are going through:

  • Four children die in a house fire
  • Two young teachers drown over July 4th (separate incidents)
  • Children/adults  abducted or missing
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Five people killed because a drunken driver went the wrong way on the Interstate.

I could not help but think of all the families that are hurting because of these tragedies. But there is one grieving Person we often forget – God. Many people do not think God has no emotions. They see Him as a distance Deity, One who created the world, then left us to fend for ourselves! Not so! The Bible tells us of a hosts of emotions God feels:

  1. God commands us not to “grieve” the Holy Spirit Ephesians 4:30
  2. God is ” moved by pity”  Judges 3:18 
  3. God loves us John 3:16

As you try to console those who are suffering, remember there is One who loves, cares, and understands more than any of us. He is hurting right along with His creation.


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