Are Your Roots Showing?

Several years ago there was a highly successful tv miniseries called Roots. It was a story of a treeroots
young  boy who was captured in Africa, sold into slavery, and sent to America. This miniseries helped African American people to understand their “roots”, their background and their culture.

Roots are important. They are the foundation for every family and Church. When parents talk to their children about their roots,  they are referring to their heritage. Roots give stability. If you have ever seen a huge oak, even though we cannot see the root system, you know it is extensive. The evidence of the root system is the tree’s long, outstretched branches.

The “root”  of the individual believer and the corporate Church is Jesus Christ. The evidence that we are Christ-followers is a Christ-like life style. Jesus told us that He was the vine and we are the branches. It is only when we are connected to Him we have stability and life.


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