What Are You So Angry About?

Every day I see the evidence that mankind is becoming “less human.” I am not saying as a whole that the majority of people are unkind or even viscous but a quick look at the daily news make me wonder where is our society going and where will it end? It seems that we are killing each other over the simplest things:

Unfortunately, the list continues.  I remember years ago, Charles Colson said something that startled me. He said that “we are raising a generation of children with no conscience. A twelve-year old gang member can kill a complete stranger as part of his initiation to a gang and go home a sleep like a baby without a twinge of guilt.”  Has life become so cheap? Is abortion a contributing factor that life isn’t precious? When a convicted criminal is sentenced to death and waits decades to be executed, does that encourage violent crime? ( When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.) Ecclesiastes 8:11 

I am sure there are a hundred different contributing factors but my personal opinion is we have pushed God and His principles totally from our society. Romans 3:10-18 There was a time in our country when people reverenced God, His Word, and the Church even if they did not make a profession of faith. But now no one believes in hell or the Judgment of God. Since they will not be held accountable for their actions (they think), then they can do whatever they like without any retribution. 

The only hope for America is a returning to the principles of God’s Word.


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