The Borg Diease

I know it’s no longer cool, but I am a  Trekkie and I remember when Star Trek  created a scary race of beings known as the Borg. They called themselves “the Collective,” because each surrendered their individuality to function as ‘one.’ The Borg assimilated everyone they bumped into

borgalong their way into the Collective. You could try to resist them but they simply replied, “Resistance is futile.”

 Growing up, I belonged to a Borg-like Church. There wasn’t much (if any) individualism. Everyone wore the same clothes, usually out-of-date, had the same “holy language,” and many mannerisms that the Church Collective held sacred. Many Christian leaders believe that sameness is godliness and they frown on variation. It is so easy to make Christianity about externals and man-made rules. So as long as dress like me, walk like me, do what I do, and keep from going places I don’t go; there is a very good chance you will make it to Heaven.

 Jesus told the Jewish leaders that the Jews did not have a corner on God. John 10:16 Many denominations think THEY are God’s favorite. Paul wrote that we are all different, like parts of the human body. Don’t allow yourself to be assimilated!

Resist the “Borg mentality” and be yourself!




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