Who Is In Charge?

“What does a 500 pound gorilla do?” the joke goes. ” Anything he wants to,” is the punchline. People think God is like that. He is the One with all the power.  Everyone knows that insurance companies call the big stuff– –  hurricanes, earthquake, floods, and tornadoes acts of God . Bad God days, I guess.

But is it fair to blame God  for every thing that happens on this planet? What about the devil? What does he do? Are all things pre-determined that happens to us? If God is totally in charge, do we humans have any choice in what happens.

In Genesis chapter 2 it says God commanded Adam not to do something. GENESIS 2:17. After the command,  God says Adam actually had a  choice. How could Adam choose to disobey a command of the Sovereign God? Here is a maybe: maybe sovereignty always has preeminence until it hits human will – then sovereignty pauses. Sovereignty does not disappear ; it just pauses until human  choice has been made, and then it kicks back in. (Just maybe.)

There numerous accounts of people praying and God “changing” His will. Hezekiah was told by God he had a terminal illness from which he would not recover. Isaiah 38:1 Hezekiah prayed and God added 15 years to his life. Isaiah 38:4-5

Sometimes we have authority to stop things with our faith, but sometimes our faith helps us go through things we cannot stop.


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