For years, people have published books on self-help and discovering the “real you.” This is nothing, man has had issues with personal identity since Biblical times. How many of us really know who we are and why we are here? Of course, we all have names and our own personal histories. We have goals, dreams and characteristics which we feel give us a special identity, and these things are certainly to be valued.

One of the distinct differences between men and women is how they identify themselves. Women think of themselves according to relationships. When women introduce a friend, they usually say something like this, “This is my friend Mary, she is Robert’s wife.” Relational identity.  But when they lose a spouse, child, or close relative; they may have identity problems.

Men on the other see their identity connected to their work. “I want you to meet my friend Jim, he owns Smith’s Electrical.” He gets his identity from his work. But if he loses his job or retires; he partially loses his identity.

The only place you can find your true identity is in Jesus Christ.

“For in him all things were created: … all things have been created through him and for him.” Col.1:16 [Emphasis added]  You were created by Him and for Him.

Many people think they are just a face in the crowd with little worth. Does God really know you as an individual? God knows who you are. Luke 12:7 You are worth more than the world! Matthew 16:26

You were created in His image: THAT should give you a self-identity!


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