Missing The Obvious

I was in a book store a couple of weeks ago and the title of a book caught my attention; “Learn to think like Sherlock Holmes.”  Subtitle: Learning to see the obvious. I have always been intrigued with the deductive ability of Sherlock. It got me to thinking; I wonder how much of the “obvious” we miss during our day?

Let’s take a little test. We are all familiar with the FedEx logo but did you ever notice the obvious in the logo? [Answer will follow]In Luke 24 we find a “cannot see the forest for the trees” story.Two grief-stricken disciples are walking the Emmaus road discussing the recent death of Jesus. Suddenly, the risen Christ joins them but they do not recognize Him. (No, I cannot explain it.) But then again, don’t we often fail to recognize God working in our lives? God answers our prayers but not in the way we expected. Missed Him. An unexpected check comes in the mail – God at work? An encouraging phone call from a friend- did God prompt them to call?

Tomorrow, be alert to what is going on around you; you might find God at work in your life!

ANSWER TO FED EX LOGO: There is a white arrow between the letters E and X.


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