Who Is Your Hero?

The dictionary describes a hero as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” I agree with that definition but in today’s cultures almost anyone can be a hero; from being a celebrity to a MVP athlete. But being a hero is more than having your picture on a box of Wheaties.  As usual, the Bible goes contrary to man’s ideas. Isaiah 55:8 

Most people today think greatness [being a hero] is measured by possessions, power, and prestige. The Bible says just the opposite. Jesus told His disciples the way to greatness is down; not up. “Whoever wants to be the most important must make others more important than themselves. They must serve everyone else.” Mark 9:35 {ERV}

Some time ago, I saw a video that portrayed that verse. A father that totally gave up his rights to serve his son. Please watch the attached video.  Team Hoytdick

The Hoyts ran their 32nd Boston Marathon and they say it will be their last as a duo. The Hoyts had planned to make the 2013 Marathon their last because Dick is 73 and Rick is 52, and Dick’s increasingly painful back was barking out instructions to give it a rest. But after the bombings at the finish line, and after the Hoyts were among the more than 5,000 runners who were stopped before completing the 2013 race, they decided to come back to finish their personal race and to honor the human spirit of those killed and injured at last year’s race. It was 7:37:33 when the Hoyts finally reached the finish line.

Father and son are my heroes.


One thought on “Who Is Your Hero?

  1. My Heroe is Alan Turning such a brave, brilliant, inspirational man.What he did for the war and how he helped us win. I love him to pieces.
    He’s my hero.
    Please check out my blog.

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