The Performance Trap

Though God did not originally design it this way, we live in a performance-based world. Most people (including those in the church) assume that God loves us based on how we act – that’s how everybody else loves us. God’s love for us has nothing to do with what we do.

In Luke 18, we read about a Pharisee that went about to the Temple to pray. He reminds God of all the “good” things he has done. God is not impressed! What he did was not wrong but it he did them with the wrong motive. Jesus talked about folks who did all kinds of good things but said they were “evildoers!”  (Matt. 7:23) Motive is huge with God.

We cannot do enough good works to merit God’s love. God is the one who initiates love for us.His love is not a response; it’s the way He is. God is love. So you don’t have to perform to achieve His love. He loves you unconditionally; guaranteed.


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