Do Over

Years ago when kids actually went outside to play, they would play challenging games that would test each other’s agility and courage. When a child failed to reach his intended objective; they would suddenly shout, “Do Over!” meaning they wanted a second chance. Doing something over is great if you are playing a game but in real life there are many situations that cannot be done over. doover

In the heat of passion, a young girl loses her virginity. There are no do overs! A person driving under the influence of alcohol has an accident and someone is killed. There are no do overs! A father spends too much time on the job, years pass and he realizes he cannot reclaim the wasted years he did not spend with his children. A person smokes cigarettes for years and as a result he has lung cancer. They cannot shout, “Do over!”

2ndLife is filled with missed opportunities, mistakes, and other regrets. But life itself cannot be a ‘Do Over.’   We only get one shot, one go-around to live, so it is crucial to live life wisely. The Apostle Paul said life is like running a race, we all run but only those who finish well receive eternal life. 1 Cor. 9:24 If we ask God to forgive us of our past sins; He will. In its strictest sense; He gives us a second chance to live life as we should. But we cannot go back and undo some of things we did.

Don’t wait until old-age to prepare for eternity. Remember there are no “DO Overs.”


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