What Did You Say?

People from other countries say that the English language  is very difficult to understand.  For example: ” don’t make waves around the office.”  Meaning – do not cause trouble . You are completely nuts if you think I will go with you. Meaning – You are crazy. Working on a computer for me is a piece of cake. Meaning – Easy to do. There is even a “language” for different sub-cultures. Teens use words that only other teens know what they are saying.  Your occupation may use words that  only people in your profession understand. listening

You have probably heard the expression , “I know what I said but I’m not sure  what you heard.”   Many personal relationships are strained because of what someone said vs. what someone understood.  James  wrote theses words, “Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”​ James 1:19   

It is vital that husbands understand their wives. “Husbands, in a similar way, live with your wives with understanding…  so that nothing will interfere with your prayers.”  “Understanding” speaks of being sensitive to your wife’s deepest physical and emotional needs. In other words, be thoughtful and respectful. Unfortunately, most husbands do not take the time nor energy to understand their wives.

Remember, God gave you two ears but only one mouth.


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