Keeping Score


The first question you ask when you when you arrive at a game already in process is “What’s the score?” All games involve score keeping. We are all scorekeepers. We what to know how we are doing. But how do we keep score in the game of life? Most commonly we tend to keep score with three Cs:

Comparing to.. 2 Corinthians 10:12 Students compare test scores. Churches compare each other by the size of their congregation. A financial journal lists the the world’s wealthiest people. People lists the most beautiful people in the world.

 Competing with…  Romans 12:15 Competition is good but it can give turn to jealousy and envy. We can turn everything into competition. Fred gets a promotion. Mary gets a new dress.  Tom builds a new house. How does that make you feel?

Climbing Above… Luke 12:17-19 One of the games we play in life is climbing the ladder. People often gauge their success in life by where they are on life’s ladder. If I am higher on the ladder than Bill, I feel good. But allow Frank to get above me, I do not feel successful. Someone once said, “Some people will come to the end of life only to discover the ladder they were climbing was leaned against the wrong wall.”

How do you keep score in your life? In my next blog, I would like to share how God keeps score.


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