Fill It Up

A survey asked thousands of people what kept them from knowing God better. The number one answer was “I’m too busy.” Ironically, the early disciple could not be stopped by prison, poverty, persecution or martyrdom. But we are stopped because we are “too busy.”


I once read of a college professor who had an awesome demonstrate about time management.  He would have a large glass jar which he filled with large rocks. He would ask for a show of hands of those who thought the jar was full. The majority of the class raised their hands. The professor reached under his desk and produced a bag of small pebbles, which he poured in the jar. After shaking the jar, he added even more pebbles. “Is the jar now filled?” Fewer hands. Again he reached under the desk and had a bag of sand which he poured in the jar. “Is the jar NOW filled?” Only a couple of hands. From under the desk came a large bucket of water which he added to the jar. “Now the jar IS full.”

Then he asked what did they learned from this demonstration. One student eagerly replied, “No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to do something else.” The professor said, “I am sorry but that is wrong. This demonstration teaches us that if you do not put the larger stones [the most important things] in first, you will never have room for them later.” 

Imagine reaching the age of seventy, having received 25,000 days as a gift from God, having not given ONE entire day given back to Him because you were “too busy.”


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