What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

In 1995 there was an humorous ad for pizza that asked a rather serious question,”What do you want on your tombstone?” The question is implying how do you want to be remembered? That is a very important because it summarizes how our life has impacted others.


I am sure I will be remembered differently by different people. But the question is “How do I want people to remember me? It is rather obvious that the way I live my life is the way I will be remembered. Each of us have many opportunities to leave behind a positive legacy. We have the chance to be remembered for how we have impacted others’ lives for good.

Do you want to be remembered as caring, thoughtful, strong, fun and/or fair? Do you want others to remember you as the best husband, best boss, best coach, and/or best dad? Were you giving, honest and/or admired?

Jesus Christ is the most remembered man of all time. So we need to ask ourselves, “Why is He remembered by the entire human race?” This may somewhat simplistic but I think we can summarize His life under two main areas:

1] His love for the Father and doing His will. “ I obey my Father, so that everyone in the world might know that I love him.” John 14:31

2] He loved people and invested His life in them. John 3:16

Loving God and loving others seemed to work well for Jesus. I do not think we can improve on that!


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