Do you speak Christianese?

Have you ever spoken with a computer tech, doctor, mechanic, or someone who uses words that you have no idea what they are talking about but they take it for granted that you understand? I often drive by churches that have signs in front of the church that use jargon that only those on the “inside” understand. But I wonder if people on the “outside” understand.

But if we are trying to reach people who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as  their savior, we must use terms they understand. To do that we have to ask ourselves, the word I am using, “Does it make sense to a non-believer?” We use words like: born again, salvation, saved, sinner, new birth, Savior, Holy Spirit, testimony, saved, repentance, witness, confess, found the Lord, lost, and my favorite – inviting Jesus into your heart. Confusing?

We must assume that those we contact know nothing about Christianity. John 3:16 in the end zone means nothing to the average person. One of the reasons Jesus’ message was accepted by the common people was He used everyday words people knew. The test for every word, idea, concept should be: “Will they understand this? This is for them, not for us.” Otherwise, non-Christians will quickly come to their own conclusion: “This is for them, not for us.” Think about everything you say from the perspective of the person to whom you’re saying it.


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