Have you ever been lost? Men, I am not talking about being “directionally challenged”, but really lost. Years ago, I was hunting white-tail deer in northwestern Pennsylvania. It was an area that was ‘fairly familiar” with from my childhood but to play it safe, I stayed on the road. The unpaved road was closed to all traffic, except to the Game Commission and it went through some very dense forest.

As I walked, I saw in the distance, several deer crossing the road heading for higher ground. At that distance I could not tell if any possessed antlers for which I had a license. When I reached the area where they crossed, I stopped and to my amazement, I saw them standing, looking at me. But I could not get a good look at them due to the dense under brush and failing light. I had a decision to make; should I continue “stalking” them or call it a day and go back to my car?  If I followed them, it would be through an area I was totally unfamiliar with. I decided I would follow them a short distance but I never caught up with them.

Realizing that the temperature was dropping fast and the sun was setting, I needed to get back to my car. When I finally reached the road, I was uncertain [lost] if I should good right or left. If I made the wrong choice, I was in for a LONG walk and no car. Though I was not in any danger of freezing to death, I did not like the idea of spending most of the night in the woods.So I prayed and asked the Lord to give me direction and He did.

The Bible tells us that people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ are “lost.” The Bible tells that ALL men were lost. Psalm 119:176, Isaiah 53:6. I am thoroughly convinced that man’s fear and insecurity are based on their feelings of being lost.

Jesus said, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”


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