Experiencing Revival

I grew up in a church that it was customary to have revival services twice a year. When I became a pastor I continued that tradition. While we did have some amazing services, many times I didn’t experience what I longed for. In the last few years I have struggled with how to experience revival in the Body of Christ. I am not naive enough to think there is a “formula” that will always produce a life-changing move of God. God will not be put in a box.

My struggle, as a pastor, was between two options:

a) Should we invite an evangelist who would preach God’s Word, praying that God would  honor His Word  with an outpouring of His Spirit.


b) Do.we pray fervently until there’s a significant moving of God and THEN invite the evangelist to come and join us where the Spirit is working?

I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.


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