What Did You Say?

Several years ago, I had to finally admit that I was becoming “audio challenged.” aka hard of hearing. Today, I wear two hearing aids, most of the time. When I am not wearing them around the house and my wife says something to me, it is sometimes hilarious and at other times embarrassing. The old adage is true. Some once said, “I know what I said but I don’t know what you heard.” Those are the times my wife accuses me of “selective hearing”, that is only hearing what I want to hear. [I am not admitting anything].

In the New Testament, Jesus once said,If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.” Mark 4:23. When you first read that, our natural response is “Ah, yeah! How else am I to hear?” But the original word “to hear” in that culture meant to obey. Like the parent who told his teenage son to take out the trash and his son had not done so. The father may say, “Did you hear me?” since there was to response from his son.

I am afraid that people today are just as guilty as the people of Jesus’ day. We too sometimes have “selective hearing” when we do not want to obey Him. Sometimes we may not truly understand what He is trying to convey to us. John 16:18 but I think that is the exception to the rule.

Is Jesus speaking to you but you do not have “ears to hear?” Ask Him to give you an obedient spirit.


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