Can The Church Be Saved?

church-window-broken.jpg (1024×768)People that are not personally involved with the church may not be aware that the church as an institution is in trouble. The Sunday morning telecasts highlight the huge mega churches with thousands of attendees and magnificent buildings. But the fact is America is a nation of small churches; 59% of US worshippers attend services  averaging 7-99 people. 59% of US worshippers attend services  averaging 7-99 people.  According to, 1,500 pastors leave the ministry for good.

Sounds pretty dismal doesn’t? Is there a future for the church? IF the church continues as it has in the past, there is no question the church is doomed. Albert Einstein was right, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I believe that the church can not only survive but it can thrive. BUT there are some things that must be addressed.

  1. People’s concept of the church must change. The “church” is not a organization but  organism.         1 Cor. 12:27 Only people can change the “church.”
  2. The church must become relevant. The majority of people do not attend church because they do not believe the church has the answers to life’s problem.
  3. People want to belong to something that makes a difference. The church must deal with society’s issues: Homelessness, divorce, addictions, etc.
  4. Focus on church health not church growth.
  5. People must sense they are loved, accepted, and forgiven.

History has proven that the church thrives during hard times and persecution. The church is China (where churches are forbidden) cannot train enough pastors for the growing number of churches. Christian Post. Korea, Africa, and South America are exploding with growth because they are relevant and meeting people’s needs.


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