Unexpected Teachers

There is no question that Jesus is often surprising but it’s not often that Jesus seems surprised. Outsiders have a way of doing what even Jesus doesn’t appear to anticipate: A Roman Centurion shows great faith Luke 7:8-10 ;  Jesus praises a Canaanite woman for her persistence in asking Jesus to heal her daughter Mt. 15:21-29

Sometimes outsiders’ faith exceeds the faith of us churchy people. If we would open our eyes, we might see an open spiritual door where we expected a brick wall. If we would just listen, we may find the gospel of hope in a rented movie, on a top 40 song on the radio or a neighbor’s conversation. Many times we miss learning opportunities because we are not intentionally looking for them.

Maybe your agnostic friend could teach you about faith. A teenager with body piercings may give you hope. A Jewish coworker may teach you how to deal with a difficult boss. The Holy Spirit may use these people to speak to you.

God is at work at all times in all places in all people.”For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.” 


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