Recently I looked back over my life and reflected how blessed my life has been. I have been blessed with

Friends I have had the privilege of making friends with hundreds of great people. I say they are great not because they are rich, famous, or have political clot. I say they are great for the positive impact they have had on my life. Rev. Glen Elsey showed me how to walk with God. He had the most infectious laugh that I will never forget.  Thanks to Rev. Denzil and Gerry Smith for being our friends over many years. I remember being in a crisis situation and phoned Denzil at 5 @m asking for prayer. He drove clear across town, came to my house to pray with me. Space does not allow me to mention all who have contributed to my life. 

Pastoring some great people. I was privileged to serve with people who loved God, were committed to the church and treated me graciously. We prayed together. We cried together. We sacrificed together. I served churches from New York to Florida. Thank you God for allowing me to meet some of Your wonderful people. 

A host of experiences. a] I will never forget the six-week revival at our local church. We had planned a seven-day revival but God had other plans. b] I saw people delivered from demonic possession. c] I was mistaken for a fugitive by undercover police. e] I have seen people healed from incurable diseases. f] But the greatest experiences was seeing people’s lives transformed by Jesus Christ.

I have to agree with Christian comedian, vocalist, and song-writer, Mark Lowry, when asked how he would describe the church, he replied, “Interesting!”


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