Ban On Bathing?

It is amazing (and sad) the government can take a tragedy like the shooting in Charleston and use it to advance their agenda. Instead of trying to console the families that lost family members, they want to use this as a springboard to promote gun control. To be honest, I am fed up with government intrusion into our lives! They think that if they can control the sale of guns, they can reduce crime and violence. FBI research proves the opposite. The chart below shows that after gun sales attained record growth in 2006, violent crime rates began to fall in 2007. As gun sales continued to register records each following year, violent crime rates decreased at an accelerating rate.


Many studies tell us that there are more deaths by drunk drivers than deaths by guns. But have you heard of legislation to ban cars? Ban Alcohol? Gun sales are legal. Drunk driving is not legal. Another study claims that more people die each year by falls in their bathtub. Anyone one for banning bathtubs?

Lets be realistic; the government wants control! They tell us what size light bulb we should buy. They want to control what kind of toilet (water saving) you install in your home. They want to ban sodas. They have banned Chick-Fil-A sandwiches from our schools. (Sacrilegious)

Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.— President Ronald Reagan


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