Spiritual Vertigo

We sometimes hear that the cause of a plane crash was pilot error. Pilots are human and humans do make mistakes but sometimes pilots experiences a phenomenon called vertigo. Vertigo is actually a state of temporary spatial confusion resulting from misleading information sent to the brain by various sensory organs.  The pilot’s brain and emotions tell him one thing but his instruments are telling him something different. Your senses may tell you are flying level, when in actuality, you are in a dive!

You can overcome the effects of vertigo by relying upon your aircraft’s instruments. They are the best insurance you will ever have. Your emotions scream out that the instruments are wrong and don’t rely on them.  But in that situation; you dare not trust your emotions!

In life, sometimes our thoughts and emotions can be misleading.  The lyrics to a song once said, “how can something that feels so right. Be so wrong”  Often our “natural man” is totally opposite of what God wants from us:

 For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,  says the LordIsaiah 55:8 

Some people think they are doing what’s right. But what they are doing will really kill them. Proverbs 14:12

The only way to keep from having spiritual vertigo is to trust the instruments (The Bible.) Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my pathway.


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