When it came time for my mother to give me birth; she went to our local hospital. Our hospital was considered small by most standards but they were quite capable. It just so happened that I chose a very busy night to come into the world. There were no rooms available, so they put my mother in the hall, placed a portable curtain around her for privacy and there I came into the world. [True story] Is it any wonder that I have dealt with feelings of rejection all my life?

But seriously, I have always felt that somehow I never quite measured up. I am not trying to solicit sympathy just stating a fact. In school, I never spoke to the popular kids fearing rejection. I always felt inferior to ministers that pastored larger churches. But when I read Mark 1:11, it changed my thinking about myself. God said of Jesus, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”  This was the beginning of Jesus’ ministry; He hadn’t preached His first sermon or performed His first miracle, so how was the Father pleased with Him?

Most people assume that God’s approval is based on their  ‘personal performance,’ But the truth is found in the words, “You are my Son..” God found pleasure in His personal relationship with the Son. God is not impressed with all activity but He is pleased when we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

How freeing to know that I do not have to reach a certain level of performance for God to be pleased with me. God loves me for who I am, not for what I do.


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