What Is In A Name?

My father was hooked on old western movies! One of his favorite actors was Randolph Scott. So much so, he wanted to name my youngest brother after him. Luckily my mother intervened, somewhat, and he ended up with the name, Randall Scott.

Names are important. Whether you are stereotyping a group of people or calling someone a name to demean their character. Name-calling is usually derogatory. Such is the case found in Acts 11:26 “The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.” That “name” was used a term for mocking this new ‘sect’ of the Jewish religion. That attitude of cynicism has made a full circle and is now militantly being attacked.

My father told me that that having a good name was something to strive for. He said he could go into our small town and get a loan from any bank just because of his name. “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches… Proverbs 22:1 Do you even care how those around you view your name? I’m not talking about the actual name. Mine is Gary which I share with millions in America.

A good name really speaks to your integrity. It’s about your reputation and the character you have inside. It identifies who you are from a moral and ethical standpoint. Essentially it is what you are all about. Three reasons why a good name is better to pursue than great riches:

  1. A good name provides stabilityWhen you have a good name people can trust you. That trust is a stabilizing factor in your relationship with them.
  2. A good name is eternalRiches are fleeting.A good name however is theoretically eternal. How many men and women of history are still being spoken of in a positive light? Wouldn’t it be special if that could be you?
  3. A good name brings loving favorThe ending phrase of Proverbs 22:1 says, “…loving favor rather than silver and gold.” People will love you for having integrity. They will appreciate you for showing kindness, mercy and attention to their needs. They will stand up and support you when you are bombarded with unwarranted attacks.

Live in a manner worthy of the calling with which you were called: Eph 4:1


2 thoughts on “What Is In A Name?

  1. OH! that more could hear the words your dad passed on to you. Reputation is no longer regarded, but status, on the other hand, is idolized. Not that this is anything new. Good reminder.

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