Broken Pieces

I remember years ago, one of my children coming to me with a broken toy and asking me, “Can you fix it?” If it was a simple fix, no problem. But sometimes it was unrepairable. As a retired pastor, I look back over 40+ years and remember people’s lives that needed “fixing.” Divorce, abuse, addictions, criminal behavior, etc. In my humanity, I sometimes wondered if there any hope for them to rebuild or restore.

man broken

But then I remembered God promising a elderly couple that they would have a son. The couple understandably thought this was impossible. God’s response? I am the Lord! There is nothing too difficult for me.” Genesis 18:13-15 CEV [See also Jeremiah 32:17 ; Jeremiah 32:27

The words from the Hymn “I will serve Thee” says “…Heartaches, broken pieces , Ruined lives are why You died on Calvary.  Your touch was what I longed for. You have given life to me.”

Listen to the Cathedrals sing this great hymn.


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