Christmas Fears

There are a lot of emotions experienced at Christmas: excitement, depression, even anger but on that first Christmas the predominant emotion was fear. It surprised me how many people experienced fear on the most glorious event in all of history!

Mary experienced fear at the angel’s announcement that she, a virgin, would conceive! In our culture, an unwed pregnant teen is not a real “big” deal but in Mary’s world, it could be the reason for execution.

Joseph  too experienced fear at the news, that his espoused wife would have a child. What would people think? What would this do to his reputation? 

Herod was alarmed at the news of a new-born king. He was afraid he would lose his power. 

Shepherds trembled at the presence of heavenly beings.  Angels are not soft, fluffy, winged beings, but majestic beings surrounded by the glory of God. 

But what are the fears people experience this Christmas?

  • Fear that they can’t find “the” gift that their grandson wants.
  • Fear that the money runs out before all the gifts is bought.
  • Fear that the kids won’t be able to make it home. 

Friends do not allow the pressure of the holiday cause you to fear. Jesus came to earth that we might experience hope, peace, and joy.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”              Roy L. Smith


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