Looking Good or Being Good?

A man being sought by police in Ohio was unhappy with the mug shot that was circulated with the warrant for his arrest, so he decided to send authorities a better one.

Donald A. “Chip” Pugh, 45, is wanted for failure to appear in multiple cases including arson and vandalism, the Lima Police Department stated in a Facebook post. Police posted a mugshot of Pugh on their Facebook page, but the suspect didn’t think it was the most representative of himself.

Donald A. Pugh's selfie photo

To rectify this, Pugh texted police a new selfie with the caption “here is a better photo that one is terrible.” Police posted the new photo on Facebook with the caption: “We thank (Pugh) for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if he would come speak to us at the (police station) about his charges.”

It seems that it’s human nature to be more concerned with looking good than actually being good. This way of thinking isn’t restricted to thugs. Many upstanding church people are just as guilty of being too concerned with appearances.Too often we are more concerned with what others think of us than of what God thinks of us. This is dangerous, for it produces Christians who think they can be good without repentance.Don’t be satisfied with posting a better mug shoot of yourself for the public to admire. As often as it’s necessary, turn to God in repentance and allow Him to cleanse you from the inside out.

From the Palm Beach Post

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