Familiar Road?

roadThis past Sunday, the Christian Church celebrated Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem prior to Easter Sunday. The story is so familiar to most of us, I am afraid that we have lost sight of the important due to the familiar.

The disciples had walked this familiar road many, many times.   Jesus was familiar with this road as well. His parents took Him every year to the Passover Feast.  But this year, this trip, everything was going to be different. All the travelers knew the road but only  Jesus knew the journey.

Jesus had been trying to explain to His disciples what awaited them at the end of this journey but they never did grasp what Jesus was saying. They did not know this familiar trip was going to be anything but “familiar.”

Our lives are composed of many familiar “roads.” The student has a road that they are familiar with: meet bus 7:30 am, this class, that class, lunch, recess, etc. The worker has his familiar road: rush hour traffic, punch-in at  8:00, work eight hours, punch out, drive home, supper, etc.

But are you prepared for the journey? Jesus may detour your road by a coworker sharing they are facing a divorce and need your support. Jesus may have a student cross your familiar road with the news they are pregnant and want your advice. At any time, that “familiar” road may become a journey.

You may know the road but only Jesus knows the journey!


One thought on “Familiar Road?

  1. dawnlizjones March 21, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Soooo very wise and insightful. Great reminder as I tend to have my nose to ground and quite able to miss it! Retweeted!

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