Seven Spiritual Truths on Wealth

We live in a world that is obsessed with money.  As a whole:   wealth
People love money
People live for money
People believe that money will solve at least most of their problems.
It would not be an over-statement that people worship money. They love to make it, have it and spend it on themselves. On the other hand, God expects His followers to understand and reflect His view of money.
Here are seven spiritual truths every Christ follower should follow:
1. God owns everything and man manages His property
The concept of God’s ownership is introduced in the very first verse of the Bible. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…

2. God is the source of all wealth
Since God owns everything, everything we see comes from the hand of God. The tendency is to think otherwise. Deut. 8:17                 

  3. You cannot serve both God and wealth God expects us to have money without becoming addicted to it. God expects us to have money without becoming addicted to it. Luke 18:18-22                     

 4. The love of money is a root cause of many problems
The love of money will rob you of contentment.  Eccl. 5:1                                                         The love of money hurts your relationship with God 1 Timothy 6:9-10

5. God blesses the person who honors God with his wealth.
God teaches us to invest our money in His Kingdom 2 Cor. 9:6-7 

6. Earthly riches are temporal. Treasures in heaven are eternal Mt. 6:19

7. When God has your money; He has your heart. Mark 12:41-44


Let’s Make A Deal!

Everyone wants a great deal. We go through the newspaper looking for the best price on food, clothing, and automobile tires. Have you ever went to a yard sale or flea market and discover an item that is vastly under-priced? You know that the person selling the item obviously does not know its true worth. Do you try to talk them into selling it at ever a lower price?

As a Christ-follower, do you…
a) Praise God for this wonderful opportunity, buy the object without letting the owner know its true value? And then brag to your friends what a shrewd dealer you are?
b) Inform the owner of the real value and offer him a reasonable price?

Treat others in the same way that you would want them to treat you. Luke 6:31

Would love to hear your comments.

Christian influenza: I Want More

If you watch any TV preachers,  you will hear the message that God wants all Christians to be rich and famous.  The Bible tells us that money is both wonderful and deadly.

  1. The wonderful side

You don’t have to look very deep into Scripture to discover that God loves to provide for His creation. Many of the rich folks in the Bible credited God for their wealth.  Genesis 14:23 –  1 Kings 3:11-13.  But to say riches equal godliness is a Scriptural no-no. Jesus said the Kingdom of God belongs to the poor people. Mt. 5:3 Some individuals in Scripture “joyfully accepted the confiscation” of their property, because they were poor – – poor AND godly. Heb. 10:34 Read also Hebrews 11:37-38. Wealth is good but it’s not a symbol of spirituality.

  1.  The Dark Side of Money

The warnings about money in the Bible are severe. Luke 6:24  Luke 12:15

One thing clear in the Bible: money can be a threat to our faith. Money has a way of possessing us.  If riches and possessions equal spirituality, what do we say to the Christ-followers in Africa that live in tremendous poverty? Try preaching the prosperity message to the homeless believer in India!

Is it wrong to be rich?  No.  Is being poor a lack of faith?  No.  Rich and poor, God made them both.