Gender Neutral?


There is no question that we live in a mixed-up, confused world. When people share their views and values that are not “politically correct”; they are labeleld as bring intolerate or racist or out of touch with today’s world.

This may sound over simplistic but if you look back on our culture, when America turned her back on Judeo-Christian morality; our society began to unravel. God made it simple; He created us male and female. There was no confusion on which gender you were. But when God is removed from almost facet of our society, there is no place to anchor our morality. Everyone sets their own standard of of right and wrong. 

The Prophet Isaiah said, “It is bad for those who call what is sinful good, and good sinful, who say dark is light and light is dark, who make bitter sweet and sweet bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

When people reject their gender; they are actually rejecting the God that created them. God did not make a mistake when He created you. You are exactly who you are supposed to be!