Your Affairs In Order?

I love old western movies. Quite often there will be a scene where someone will ask the doctor about the condition of a gunfighter who just lost a shoot-out. The doctor would take off his spectacles,  pull out his handkerchief from his back pocket and begin cleaning them. And then with great emotion, he would say, “It’s time he puts his affairs in order.” A polite way to say death is certain and he needs to be prepared to meet God.

The doc’s comment is good advice for anyone who is dying. But wouldn’t be better to ‘put our affairs in order ‘ NOW before we are facing the death angel.  No one likes to think about how fragile their life is. And no one knows if their life will be cut ‘short.’

So it seems wise that we should ask for forgiveness, make restitution, pay our debts, and apologize  long before we are called to meet God.


“Grace” Is Not The Girl Next Door

graceGrace is an amazing thing. There is no  way it makes sense. It is God chasing us when there is no reason for it. We matter to God and there is nothing we can do to alter it. The obvious question is, If God is really like this, what prevents people from taking advantage of His grace? Grace is a face-to-face encounter with God’s love and when that love happens, you end up loving God back. It is impossible to take advantage of grace, because if you really get it, it gets you.

No matter where you you are, grace always brings change. BUT grace yields freedom from sin, not freedom to sin. Justifying sin by appealing to grace sours the grace  experience by turning it into something God never intended it to be.

You cannot experience the grace of God and continue being bad. If you are being bad today, it’s because you are not experience grace today.

God is not the one who makes life ugly for us. But there are times He backs off and our own ugliness takes over. It’s called judgement. the but getting out from under judgment is a simple matter. If you are heading west for 50 years, then turn to head east, the change is instant, you are now heading east. Getting out from under judgment is a simple matter. As long as you have breath , there is hope. So do you want  to be healed of graceless -living ? Then do a 180. You won’t regret it.

Old Life vs New Life

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 You have probably heard people say, “I am a sinner saved by grace.” I used to think that but recently I have changed my thinking. As a Christ-follower; I am no longer a sinner but a saint. Romans 1:7 Salvation has rewritten my history. God no longer remembers my sin. Hebrews 8:12 

Many Christ-followers look at their life in Christ as living the old-life better.You cannot live the old life better because “the old has gone.” [Past tense; no longer exists] Salvation is not a better “version” of the old you. [The new is here; present tense] We become righteous through Christ. Philippians 3:9

As long as we think about past sins, we can never live the new life in Christ.  It is only as we claim of new life in Christ that we will receive the benefits of being a child of God.