Body Piercing

The (fad?) (trend ?) of body piercing knows no limits; young or old, male or female. Some churches have a very strong feeling about the issue. I am not sure where I stand on the issue; if I even need I to take a stand! I don’t know if the Bible even addresses the subject.

But I DO know this:



Are You Adopted?

“I have had the privilege of knowing several couples who have adopted children into their family. One couple had adopted several children from Russia. The children were brothers and sisters and the couple did not want them to be separated.

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When a couple goes through the adoption process, their desire is to become parents, to offer a home and a family to a child that has neither. When the adoption process is complete, that child legally becomes a son or daughter.

Think about the spiritual analogies. In adoption, there is a high cost to the parents and no cost to the child. [The Child Welfare Information Gateway, a U.S. government-funded adoption information service, estimates that the average U.S. adoption costs $8,000 to $40,000. ] As a Christ-follower, we are heirs to Christ’s Kingdom. We become legal, official children of God. Adoption comes at an enormous cost to the parents.

What does it cost the child? Nothing! It required the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Adoption came at a grace cost to the Father.We are adopted by God for the same reason that any parent adopts – out of seer love. In His great love, He plans adoption, pays the cost,  becomes our Father and unites us to a whole family of brothers and sisters.

What Is That Smell?

smell2God created man with five senses: Touch, Sight, Hearing, Taste, and Smell. Of these senses, our sense of smell is probably the most ignored. But have you noticed that we often associate some places, things and even people with certain odors? As a child I vividly remember the pungent smell of the woods I hiked through. I remember the smell of the “green stuff (?)” janitors put on the floor before sweeping in our elementary school. And there is the awesome fragrance of a brand new car!

Some people have an acute sense of smell while others could not smell a dead skunk in the same room! There are odors that are pleasant and some that are repulsive. In the Old Testament, the burnt offering was offered to God to express our devotion, commitment and complete surrender to God. God said He was pleased with this “sweet smelling” offering.

Application: Wherever we go, we are giving off a fragrance to those around us. We should live in such a way that it not only pleases God but it will have a positive impact on others. “Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.”  2 Corinthians 2:15

Who Is Your Hero?

The dictionary describes a hero as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” I agree with that definition but in today’s cultures almost anyone can be a hero; from being a celebrity to a MVP athlete. But being a hero is more than having your picture on a box of Wheaties.  As usual, the Bible goes contrary to man’s ideas. Isaiah 55:8 

Most people today think greatness [being a hero] is measured by possessions, power, and prestige. The Bible says just the opposite. Jesus told His disciples the way to greatness is down; not up. “Whoever wants to be the most important must make others more important than themselves. They must serve everyone else.” Mark 9:35 {ERV}

Some time ago, I saw a video that portrayed that verse. A father that totally gave up his rights to serve his son. Please watch the attached video.  Team Hoytdick

The Hoyts ran their 32nd Boston Marathon and they say it will be their last as a duo. The Hoyts had planned to make the 2013 Marathon their last because Dick is 73 and Rick is 52, and Dick’s increasingly painful back was barking out instructions to give it a rest. But after the bombings at the finish line, and after the Hoyts were among the more than 5,000 runners who were stopped before completing the 2013 race, they decided to come back to finish their personal race and to honor the human spirit of those killed and injured at last year’s race. It was 7:37:33 when the Hoyts finally reached the finish line.

Father and son are my heroes.