Will Science Replace God?

See the source imageSince the days of “God Is Dead”; man has been doing his best to remove God from every aspect of our culture. Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfills the role of religion, U.S. author Dan Brown said on Thursday…Brown made the provocative remark at the Frankfurt Book Fair where he was promoting his new novel, Origin, … inspired by the question “Will God survive science?”                                                                                         

“… Are we naive today to believe that the gods of the present will survive and be here in a hundred years?” Brown, 53, told a packed news conference. (Reuters)

Brown informs us that technological change and the development of artificial intelligence would transform the concept of the divine. In promoting his new novel, Origin he asks “Will God be able to survive science?”  “We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our interconnections with each other,” he said, forecasting the emergence of “some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes our divine”….Our need for that exterior god, that sits up there and judges us … will diminish and eventually disappear.” 

The Bible is very clear that God is eternal Isaiah 57:15 , He has no beginning and He will never cease to exist Revelation 1:8 It does not matter what Mr. Brown believes; God is who He says He is and Science will not change that. 



The Big Picture

My wife loves putting puzzles together. She says it is relaxing. (I’ll take her word for it.) Sometimes when I walk into the room and look at the puzzle she has just started, I cannot tell what the finished puzzle will look like. I have to pick up the box to see the complete picture. 

Life is like a puzzle. (Can I get an amen?) Sometimes we try to make sense out of a situation when we only have a few “pieces” of the puzzle. As God allows more “pieces” to fall into place; life becomes clearer. Why God does not reveal the big pictures all at once to us remains a mystery. Deuteronomy 29:29 says, ” The Lord our God keeps certain things hidden…”

I love the song that Babbie Nelson sings,  “When you cannot see His hand, Trust His Heart.” That is very good advice. 

Looking Beyond The Seen

When I was young, I remember seeing a movie  that really fascinated me. It was called “The Invisible Man.” I thought how cool it would be if no oneinvisble could see me! Just think of all the mischief I could get away with! I could go wherever I wanted and no one would notice me! I could move things and people would be shocked, wondering how the object moved. I could whisper things to them and though they could hear me, they would not be able to see who was speaking to them. I could touch their arm but again they could not see who had touched them!

Yet, there there is a Person that walks among us, speaks to us, touches us, and works it our lives everyday and we are often not aware He is there! God is invisible, though we see hints of His activity all around us.  Colossians 1:15

Biblically, one of the reasons we pray is to improve our spiritual sight.So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Cor. 4:18  But how do you focus on what you don’t see? It is all a matter of focus or what you pay attention to. We end up looking like the things we focus on. When we look at Jesus, we become like Him.  “Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus” Hebrews 12:2  Don’t be fooled. Your heart follows your focus. Jesus basically said in Matt. 6:21 “Whatever you pay attention to, that is where your heart will be – and that is what you find yourself desiring.” 

Our attention does not follow our hearts as much as our hearts follow our attention.



Missing The Obvious

I was in a book store a couple of weeks ago and the title of a book caught my attention; “Learn to think like Sherlock Holmes.”  Subtitle: Learning to see the obvious. I have always been intrigued with the deductive ability of Sherlock. It got me to thinking; I wonder how much of the “obvious” we miss during our day?

Let’s take a little test. We are all familiar with the FedEx logo but did you ever notice the obvious in the logo? [Answer will follow]In Luke 24 we find a “cannot see the forest for the trees” story.Two grief-stricken disciples are walking the Emmaus road discussing the recent death of Jesus. Suddenly, the risen Christ joins them but they do not recognize Him. (No, I cannot explain it.) But then again, don’t we often fail to recognize God working in our lives? God answers our prayers but not in the way we expected. Missed Him. An unexpected check comes in the mail – God at work? An encouraging phone call from a friend- did God prompt them to call?

Tomorrow, be alert to what is going on around you; you might find God at work in your life!

ANSWER TO FED EX LOGO: There is a white arrow between the letters E and X.

Whose Kingdom?

It seems the world news has been dominated by the rise of a militant Islam. They have made the statement that their flag will fly over our White House! Will we see the world conquered by a hostile religion that beheads those who do not convert to their religion?  I am not a prophetic scholar nor a political analyst, so on an earthly, physical level I don’t want to speculate.

But I do know this…

“so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth—,” Philippians 2:10   The Bible says EVERY KNEE will bow and that means every militant Islam.  No one can conquer the Kingdom of God!

“…I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” Jesus’ own words in Matthew 16:18.

No power can or will defeat God’s Kingdom.

Who Is In Charge?

“What does a 500 pound gorilla do?” the joke goes. ” Anything he wants to,” is the punchline. People think God is like that. He is the One with all the power.  Everyone knows that insurance companies call the big stuff– –  hurricanes, earthquake, floods, and tornadoes acts of God . Bad God days, I guess.

But is it fair to blame God  for every thing that happens on this planet? What about the devil? What does he do? Are all things pre-determined that happens to us? If God is totally in charge, do we humans have any choice in what happens.

In Genesis chapter 2 it says God commanded Adam not to do something. GENESIS 2:17. After the command,  God says Adam actually had a  choice. How could Adam choose to disobey a command of the Sovereign God? Here is a maybe: maybe sovereignty always has preeminence until it hits human will – then sovereignty pauses. Sovereignty does not disappear ; it just pauses until human  choice has been made, and then it kicks back in. (Just maybe.)

There numerous accounts of people praying and God “changing” His will. Hezekiah was told by God he had a terminal illness from which he would not recover. Isaiah 38:1 Hezekiah prayed and God added 15 years to his life. Isaiah 38:4-5

Sometimes we have authority to stop things with our faith, but sometimes our faith helps us go through things we cannot stop.