I Am Not Your Hercules


Who is God? What is He like? Ask a thousand people who God is and you will probably get a thousand different answers. People’s concept of God has changed with our changing culture. The God of our grandparents is not the God most people believe in today.
Because of the lack of Biblical preaching; many people rely on Hollywood’s latest film to form their concept of God. Space and time do not allow me to address each misconception, so allow me to choose one of the most popular myths – God is our super-hero.

They see God as a demi-god; part human part God. Similar as Hercules. His father was Zeus, god of the Greeks while he had an earthly mother. (Remember this is mythology, true.) I can see why people liked this misconception. On one hand you have a god that can relate to our humanity and on the other hand he is divine, so he has the power to rescue us.

Jesus Christ came to earth and became a man. John 1:14 He came and was Fully man; not a demi-god. He did not lose His divinity. John 8:57-59. John 17:55. The reason that the Jews crucified Jesus was He repeatedly taught He was God.

Even as casual reading of the New Testament shows the tremendous power that was available to Jesus. He controlled storms, raised the dead, healed people and performed numerous miracles. John 21:25

We cannot reduce Jesus to a “super-hero” that we can call on to get us out of trouble. There are times we can call out to Him and He does rescue us, but He is not at our beck and call!


Potty Mouth?

Your Words Matter: What the Bible Says about a Potty Mouth

I guess you would call me old-fashioned, traditional, old-school or even out of touch with society. But I was taught that words matter. (And I still believe that!) There were words that I was not allowed to use; words that are now accepted by many people.

Like most people, there are certain actors I enjoy watching but I have a problem when an actor (or anyone for that matter) professes to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and has a “potty mouth.” Actors justify using those words because it is in the script or it helps portray the character they are playing. But if it is wrong to use certain words, I believe it is wrong to watch someone use those words as entertainment.

I wish I could go back to when they were innocent to cuss words, but the world took that innocence away. Culture says they’re simply words. They aren’t that bad and using profanity doesn’t mean we’re wicked; we’re simply using slang. Or words to get a point across. Or to add to the humor to a joke. But is this true? And what does it matter to us as believers?

According to God’s Word, the world has it wrong, and believers should take this seriously. Matthew 15:18 says, “…the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.” Our words reveal our heart’s condition. Period. Crude, rude, foul, demeaning, and hateful language shows our true character. And for a Christ-follower — someone setting an example and sent on a commission from Jesus to make disciples — this simply “should not be.”

God’s Word makes it very clear that we should watch what we say. Proverbs 13:3 When we fill up on TV shows and movies where the characters have terrible potty mouths, we’ll be prone to using that language in our everyday life. There are some things I  can ‘tolerate’ when watching a movie but the filthy language is not one of them!

That’s what I want to believe, but it’s challenging. It means we have to think before we speak at all times.

The Garden of God

This week my wife and I took a week’s vacation at beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Though Myrtle Beach offers many venues of entertainment; we came with the purpose to rest and recuperate. There are many places we could have chosen but one of our favorites is Brookgreen Gardens.

I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the South. I especially love the beautiful oaks with the Spanish Moss. The Gardens also has fantastic sculptures, water gardens, flowers, native wildlife and much more.As we were walk under the towering oaks, I commented to my wife if this is so awesome, I cannot imagine what the Garden of Eden was like.

Some ‘scholars’ say that the Garden was a myth as was Adam and Eve. I choose to believe God’s Word and believe the Garden was a reality. Some ask the question, “Is heaven just the Garden restored?”
Yes, the Garden of Eden will be very much like heaven but heaven will be so much better as to not even compare with it.  The best part is that God will dwell with His people. The New Jerusalem and the Garden of Eden also had one more thing in common — God was in their presence.

I don’t think humans have the capacity to fully understand the grandeur of God’s creation.The Garden of Eden would have been a climatic paradise; everything about God’s creation would have been perfect; after all, He had pronounced it “very good.”
Genesis 1:31).  What God says is ‘very good’ cannot have any flaws whatsoever.  Therefore, the world in which Adam and Eve lived would have been the perfect temperature, the perfect humidity, without pests or diseases, and without anything that would detract from their enjoyment of knowing God in a perfect, undiluted way.  Surely, this is what is meant by the word ‘paradise’.

I think the songwriter was correct, “Where Jesus is this heaven there.”

Have You Surrendered?

Many of our younger generations probably are not familiar with the name Hiroo Onoa. He was an Imperial Japanese Intelligence Army officer who fought during World War II and refused to surrender in August 1945! For years he lived on an isolated island not aware that Japan had surrendered to the United States thus ending World War II. He assumed that America was still his enemy!

When our American troops discovered Onoa was still living on this island; they tried to convince him the war was over. But he refused to surrender thinking it was a trick. It was only after hearing the Imperial Emperor’s voice broadcast via loudspeakers telling him that the war was truly over, that he finally surrendered.

The Bible tells us that ALL have sinned and therefore are enemies with God. Romans 5:10 tells us “Even when we were God’s enemies, he made peace with us because his Son died for us… God knew that our debt of sin was so large that only by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us could we be forgiven. “Technically” everyone has been forgiven as Christ died for all men but forgiveness only takes place when we surrender (confess our sin) and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Have you surrendered your life to Christ and received the free gift of salvation?

Does This Offend You?

Today we are warned that we must exercise extreme care lest we say or do something that would offend someone. Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz recently prayed the invocation using Jesus’s name. Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim representative in the state’s legislature, decried the Monday prayer as offensive and demanded an apology.
I’m offended!” “That is offensive to me!” “You must not do that, because it offends me!” You will often hear statements such as these on television, the radio, or any number of media outlets. Those who use these types of sentiments throw them down like a gauntlet, daring you to continue. It is as if the fact that they are offended should cause you to stop whatever it is you are saying or doing that offends them. Somehow, “I’m offended,” has become the verbal alarm that signals some sort of mistake or misstep on the part of the speaker.

The fact is, however, just because a person is offended is not necessarily a reason to stop saying or doing something. Jesus often offended people, but that did not stop Him from preaching and teaching the truth. When a person takes offense at something, it often says much more about the heart of the one who is offended than it does about person who caused the “offense.”

Some churches are afraid that in preaching the truth, someone will take offense and quit attending. People who get offended by hearing the truth; are experiencing guilt. But if we go to the doctor and he discovers we have a terminal illness, we want the truth, even if it upsets us

On A Mission

I love the classic scene from The Blues Brothers when Elwood Blues announces: “We’re on a mission from God.”Image result for blues brothers It’s a mission from God that keeps us on the straight and narrow. When we are busy with the Father’s business, we can’t be sidetracked. A mission from God not only motivates us to do the right thing, but it also demotivates us from doing the wrong thing.

If you aren’t on a mission from God, you aren’t really living—you’re dying. You aren’t just wasting your God-given potential, you’re wasting space. You’re dead weight.

You need a vision for a mission. Ask God to give it to you.